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Opening Shared Database on iPod Touch

Question asked by DickRoennfeldt on Sep 19, 2010
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Opening Shared Database on iPod Touch


Following recent purchase of FileMaker Go app, I am able to load databases onto iPod Touch using iTunes.

I have also belatedly discovered that referenced images in container fields are not displayed on the iPod Touch (something which is not obviously mentioned in any documentation I have seen) and I presume this same limitation will apply to hosted databases as well as loaded files.

However having no luck trying to view an open database using local WiFi connection between iPod Touch and iMac.

I am able to see the local network host and the name(s) of any open databases but any attempt to open a database produces the error message 'The file "..." could not be opened. The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later.'

Am using FM Pro Advanced 8.5v2 and I suspect that the error message relates to 'Accounts & Privileges' settings on the file to be accessed.

Do I need to make any settings here? I have tried an 'All Users' setting for full access and read only access without success.