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Opening URL in Safari NOT FM Webviewer

Question asked by edward.hung on Jan 14, 2015
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Opening URL in Safari NOT FM Webviewer


Situation: I would like to open a URL link via my solution in FM GO 13. The link returns "failed to open: [URL]". The link works fine in Safari (and presumably other browsers).

Desired outcome: Open the URL in Safari (not google chrome, as I cannot request my clients to install another app. If I could I would just amend the URL with google chromes URL scheme googlechrome//[URL])

Attempted actions:

1) FM documents indicate if the URL is "http://[URL]" it will open in the user's default browser. It does not

2) openURL using UIApplication. But I have no idea what I am doing and I believe this is not the solution

3) x-web-search://?[query] ...But this only returns a search in safari and does not open the URL.

If anyone could give me a hint/advice or tell me this is impossible, I would greatly appreciate it.