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Opening URL links in Safari iOS - not FM Web Viewer

Question asked by DamianBaker_1 on Jul 17, 2012
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Opening URL links in Safari iOS - not FM Web Viewer


Hi esteemed FileMaker Go engineers,

Ok, I posted a question regarding the opening of specialised filetypes in iOS apps that support them - see here to recap: Open specialised filetypes in FMGO with supported apps and I have also sent two feature requests. I still am yet to hear from anyone at FileMaker so I have another feature question for you hoping this could be considered. 

I would like to have a choice to open a file or link in the external Safari iOS instead of the one within FileMaker. Safari iOS does recognise specialised filetypes and allows you to choose the app installed on your device that could open it.

I am not sure if this can be done programatically (for the link field as an example), but if not, I think that implementing such a feature would be of great benefit - not only because Safari iOS recognises such filetypes, but also allows you to have multiple browser tabs open for easy window swapping. Of course 1st generation iPhones would not keep the FMGO app open when it tries to open Safari iOS, but the newer iPhones and all iPads will not have a problem for users to double-click the home button to switch between apps.

Look forward to any comments regarding this.

Kind Regards,


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