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Optimising your solution for patchy 3G coverage

Question asked by jonnyt on Aug 15, 2010
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Optimising your solution for patchy 3G coverage


Hi there,

I come from a .net background and have been creating mobile .net apps for sometime.

My organisation uses filemaker server advanced and when the Filemaker go product came out I was astonished at its ease of use and instant integration with a mobile app. Using the iPad with it makes it a dream to use and much more flexible thn the equivalent .net mobile app but without months of development time.

Being in the UK, we have good but still patchy 3G network coverage. For my on the road engineers to fully embrace this system, I need to build in methods to deal with patchy 3g connections.

I therefore have a couple of questions or potentially ideas for future upgrades to filemaker go.

1) Is there a script step to detect if a 3G connection is availabale?

2) is there a script step to detect whether its an iPhone or an iPad thats connecting?

3) Are there any plans to release for Android?

4) If a 3G connection isnt available I envisage creating a dedicated file that sites on the iPhone/iPads storage then updates the records on the main server once a connection is made available again. Does anyone recommend a high level  step by step best practise to manage this?

Anyway congratulations to filemaker, Filemaker go now provides a solution to one thing that Filemaker was seriousuly lacking before. Many more business will now consider this is a enterprise class application for the mobile workforce.