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Outputting modified records From FMGo 11 AND 12

Question asked by alc on Jul 24, 2012
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Outputting modified records From FMGo 11 AND 12


I'd like to find a way to output FOUND records from FMGo. (these would be only records that exist on / and have been modified on the mobile device) 

I'd like to create one script that would work in BOTH v11 and 12 - ( so obviously this will involve branching statements based on GoApp Version - and THEN approach) as I'm finding it best to get things functioning properly on v12 before convertiong files

The prime confusion: I can find no Scripted way to do this in either version. The FMGo v12 PDF says you can script it, but then only describes how user needs to go to Tools menu etc.

WHAT ARE FOLKS doing. I can't see having to write a treatise for users on how to approach.

This is part 2 of a scenario that I began in FMPro Forum entitield Finding TRULY modified records


Thanks for all suggestions - xandra

(PS: before someone suggests it, It's NOT practical for me to always host file)