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    Overwriting existing database on iPad



      Overwriting existing database on iPad


      I use FileMaker to keep track of several things (my private lesson schedule and the roster of my community band, among others) and am wondering if there is a way to have an updated version of a database overwrite the current one when I import the updated version to my iPad.

      Example -- my student schedule is StudentSchedule.fmp12 (on Windows).  If I import it into FileMakerGo without first deleting the current version on the iPad, rather than overwriting the current version as I would like, I end up with StudentSchedule2 on the iPad.  Then StudentSchedule3.  Today when I updated my schedule, the iPad version is StudentSchedule3-1.

      How can I have the newer version simply overwrite the current version on the iPad?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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          David Bailey:

          Thank yoiu for your post.

          iOS will not overwrite existing files.  If you want a database file on your Mac to overwrite an existing file on your iPad, then either delete the file from the iPad or iTunes before moving over the updated file.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            You might want to investigate using one of the synch tools created by 360works or SeedCode as an alternative to copying the file back and forth like this.

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              If you use iTunes to copy files from your computer to your ios device, iTunes will ask if you want to overwrite the existing copy or make copy with the number added. Be sure to exit the file before overwriting. You do not have to explicity manually delete the file in this instance as iTunes will handle the overwriting for you just as if you drop a copy on top of  a file in a folder and have to click OK.

              Note that when you overwrite a file using iTunes you will lose any and all changes made on the IOS device.

              Dropbox is a convenient way to transfer files (be sure to consider safety and password protection ) but it will add the number if the file is already on the device.

              Deleting the existing copy before transfering a copy will eliminate the numerical appendage problem.

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                One other point:

                Even if you use iTunes to overwrite the existing db on your IOS device, there are points to consider:

                Was the file Open when you did this? Best to close all files first. Tap the icon in the upper left corner and then tap close all files.

                Are there existing numbered copies on your ios device. This will remain no matter what you do. So delete them now.

                Look at the list of files and swipe across the file name you want to delte. A red delete button appears. Tap it and the file is only a memory.

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                  Thank you for these responses -- TSGal confirmed what I had suspected.  So I'll just have to remember to delete what's in FileMakerGo on my iPad before trying to bring over a newly updated version of a database.

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                    If you use iTunes and click on the Go app in the app view and then on the Add button and find your file, you can avoid having to delete anything on your IOS device. You will be asked to overwrite or not overwrite. If yes, the onboard copy is overwritten and no need to delete...only to first close the file.

                    I've done this hundreds of times...

                    DropBox will not overwrite but creates a numbered copy. You need to delete the existing file first if that bothers you.

                    I have a feeling that terminology is a problem here as you are saying 'import' but your discussion says 'file transfer' and then as Phil pointed out there's the missused 'syncronize' which is often missused by people other than Phil and myself...  :)

                    I am sure what you want is to transfer the latest copy from desktop to IOS device and overwrite the existing copy on your IOS device. The method I have mentioned does just that.