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    Page 1 of container field



      Page 1 of container field


           In a multi page .pdf file if I leave the layout on page 3 when I reopen the layout i go back to page 3.  Is there a way to have it take me back to page 1 when the layout opens. 

           Thank you

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               Filemaker layouts remember where you where and what you did if you move from layout to layout inside one window. If you open a new window and go to the same layout, you start all over.

               A second possibility is to move out of the record and return if you want to view that record:

               Commit Record

               Go to record (Next?)

               Go to Record Previous

               When you return to the record the PDF should be at page 1 or at least I think it should.

               Also try

               Commit Record

               Refresh Window