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    Pages 1 of  << Total number of pages >>



      Pages 1 of  << Total number of pages >>



           I am looking for a way to show the total number of pages on a PDF generated under FileMaker GO.
           I know it is possible under Windows with a script using the Preview mode, wich is not possible under iOS.

           In my situation, I have found a tweak : 
           A maximum of 4 records per pages and a calculation field : Unstored, =Ceiling (  Get ( FoundCount ) / 4 )

           But is there a "cleaner" way ?

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               I too woud like to know how to do this. We have our page numbers working fine on PDFs generated on FMP12 but the scripts don't work on Filemaker Go due to lack of preview mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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                 The methods that work in FileMaker Pro for this don't work in GO as you can't enter preview mode in Go.

                 If you do not have any objects set to "slide up/resize enclosing part", then it is, in theory, possible to use the total number of records in your found set to compute the total pages. If you have sub summary layout parts it's more complicated as you then have to count the number of record groups, but is still possible to do.