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Parkinson's Disease symptom tracker needs

Question asked by ChrisAltwegg on Oct 26, 2014
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Parkinson's Disease symptom tracker needs


I have Parkinson's Disease and it's really important that I take the correct dose of medicine at the correct times. But figuring out what those dosages and times are is a painstaking process. You need a fair amount of data collected over time. Instead of trying to remember or write things down, I want to build a Filemaker database that I can carry on my iPhone. But I'l hitting two problems that I can't solve.

1. I need to have a reminder that goes off at a certain number of minutes after I've tracked a previous dose. Ideally it would be an alarm on the iPhone or a text message or something that alerts me that it's been 30 minutes since I took my meds and now I should evaluate my symptoms. Another alarm might alert me that it's been 3.5 hours since my last dose so I should take more. I can't really create a batch of preprogrammed alarms in my iPhone Clock app because I may take my first dose at 6:30 one more morning and at 8:15 on another day.

2. The second need I'm having trouble with is recreating the tracking tool my neurologist would like me to use. It's a sliding bar with a point I should move across to what I feel is my relative opinion. She says she doesn't want to use a simple row of checkboxes from 0 to 10. I'm not sure I completely understand her rationale but she feels this makes this more qualitative in data collection. (see the screenshot from her web based tool she's using for a different research project.)

If I can get these two interface elements dealt with, the rest of the app on the iPhone is pretty simple. Things like a text field where I might enter general notes about what I'm working on in my job and if I'm feeling good today. I'll capture how many hours did I sleep. What did I have for lunch. Did I have 1 beer or 2 with dinner?

Then I can export this data into spreadsheet form and we can look for patterns that might indicate things like take a smaller dose in the morning, larger doses closer together from lunchtime to quitting time and then back off in the evening unless I'm going to be in a more stressful evening situation.

Sorry to be so long, I appreciate you sticking with me. Any help, please?