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    PDF size in FMGO vs FMPA 11



      PDF size in FMGO vs FMPA 11



      I'm working on an iPad projeect and I'm having an awful time emailing a PDF of a layout from within FMGO.

      The size of the file is HUGE! In this case, the file is 18MB. However, when I dump the same layout to a PDF in FMPA 11, the file is less than 1/3 the size of the one on the iPad (with even more records being printed to the file).

      The layout represents a pretty large report, so I can understand some size to the file, but I don't understand the HUGE size difference between the 2 programs.

      Could this be a font issue? I'm not using Helvetica (read that this font caused some fiel size issues).

      I'm open to ideas. I appreciate any help you can offer.



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          I've tried removing everything but text and portals to text items from a page of the layout and then tried printing a single page to PDF. I STILL can't get the FM GO PDF size down to the same size as MULTIPLE pages printed to PDF in FMPA.

          So anything more than 2-3 pages saved to PDF is too large to email. It seems insane that 4 pages of text in a layout saved to PDF is about 15MB!

          Somehow I've got to find a solution that will let me produce a reasonably sized PDF in my iPad like I can on my Mac and PC.

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            Jason Beam:

            Thank you for your post.

            I am unable to replicate your problem.  This is what I did:

            1. I created a database file with a few fields.

            2. I entered data into one record.

            3. I pulled down the File menu and select Save/Send Records As... -> PDF, and saved a file.

            4. I hosted the file and made it available over the network.

            5. I launched FileMaker Go on my iPad and selected the file.

            6. I tapped the gear icon, selected Print -> PDF -> Email, and sent the file to my Mac account.

            7. The files are a little different in size, as the FileMaker Go file is slightly smaller than the Mac PDF file.

            Perhaps it would be easier if you send me a copy of your file.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I never figured out what the problem was, but I did start a new layout for the report and had no issues.

              Once I figured out that the new layout worked, I canned to old one. The only major difference is that I did not use portals on the second version.

              Now the PDF size is fialy close to that of both the Mac and PC.