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    Perform Scripts Menu...Filemaker Go 13



      Perform Scripts Menu...Filemaker Go 13



           Can anyone tell me how to disable the "Perform Script" option in the FMGo app.  It lists all scripts that are running on the server based FMP file that have nothing to do with the screens accessible to iPhones.  I don't want users to just be able to select a script and run it knowingly or not, causing chaos on the Filemaker Pro file on the server.




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          Markus Schneider

               - disable the checkbox in the 'manage scripts - window' (or similar - don't have an english version of FileMaker here)

               - a script can check for the current layout, stop when not as expected

               - create buttons that fire scripts instead of letting users to select a script from the list

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                 You could enable Kiosk mode for your database which could (depending on privilege set you specify) show the database in this mode for s selected users and remove the FMGo menu completely.

                 It's the solution i found most useful with iPad clients and inquisitive user minds smiley



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                   Uncheck "show in menu" in the script editor. On the other hand, you may want to check certain scripts so you can run them i Go.

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                Slight resurrection on this thread but hopefully this will help. I couldn't remove the quick launch scripts as I use them too often.



                I dealt with this problem in one of two ways depending on what the script did and the user level permissions.

                1st Method: Put a simple check in the each of the accessible scripts that if the users version is an iPad or iPhone then the script exits immediately (and if you want puts a custom dialogue up to say the action is forbidden).

                2nd Method: If Get (AccountPrivilegeSetName) = "[Full Access]" then carry on with the script - else exit script (and display a custom dialogue as above). This obviously only works if you've got a privilege set up!

                Hope this helps as it now prevents any of my Go users messing about and accessing things they shouldn't be able to!


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                  A third option would be to set a custom menu set for your layout that does not include the Scripts menu. This could either be installed by a script when the layout is accessed by a "Go" user if the layout is used by both Go and Pro users or simply specified in Layout Setup if the layout is dedicated to iOS use only.