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    Performance issue with FM Go



      Performance issue with FM Go


           I have FM Pro Advanced running on a recent iMac and FM Go on an iPad 3. FM Go connects to FM Pro within the local network. I have a fairly simple touch optimized layout for the iPad mainly displaying a portal containing 15 records (each showing just one question and five predefined answers which can be checked). After checking one answer there is a delay of about 2 seconds on the iPad. It is a rotating circle signaling that FM Go is updating something (like an hourglass on the desktop). However, as I can see on the desktop in FM Pro data is only sent to FM Pro when the portal is left. So why the delay and how to tune my layout for performance?

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               I haven't experienced any delays with portals.

               Do you have a script trigger on your portal?  If so this may be the problem.

               If you install the database locally on the iPad  (not hosted on the iMac), does the delay still occur?  If it doesn't it could be a network issue. 

               Data is sent when the record is committed. 

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                 Any portal filter specified for that portal?

                 Any conditional formatting on the layout?

                 Is the field where the user selects an answer formatted with a conditional value list?

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                   I tried the following with no luck i.e. the delay remains the same:
                   1. Loading the database locally on the iPad. 
                   2. Removing the portal filter. 
                   3. Removing any conditional formatting from the layout.
                   Luckily and sadly, I also found the reason for the delay based on Phil's suggestions: A conditional value list was used for displaying predefined answers. Substituting the conditional value list with a simple hard-coded one did the trick. No more delays. 
                   However, having multiple questionnaire which should all be completed on the iPad the conditional value list design was quite essential.
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                     I've done some additional testing with reduced table relations and a very small conditional value list. Also, the fields displayed within the portal are separate from the conditional value list. The problem remains unchanged: as soon as I select a conditional value list displayed as either radio buttons or checkboxes compared to a simple one created using own values there is temporal delay when tapping the radio buttons or checkboxes in the portal. I don't understand the reason for that. Why or what is FM updating/ calculating?

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                       Thomas M:

                       Thank you for your post.

                       There is an issue reported with a background image affecting slow performance of fields formatted as radio buttons or checkboxes.  Is this the case?

                       See the original report at:

                  Filemaker Go checkbox  slow and sync

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         No, there is no background image present in my layout. Additionally, radio buttons have no fill or borders applied. The issue really has to do with conditional value lists as switching to a simple "own value" value list without changing anything else does eliminate the delay.

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                           There's more than one way to set up a conditional value list. It may be helpful to document the details of how yours is implemented.