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Performance Issues on iOS 4.3.3

Question asked by FahimSurani on Nov 8, 2011
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Performance Issues on iOS 4.3.3




I realize that there have been a couple of forum posts that mention that there is quite a slow down on iOS 5 with FileMaker Go. However, I have been experience similar issues on 4.3.3. The strange thing is that the sample files are still quite a bit faster than my own custom solution. My solution is relatively simpler, smaller in file size, and has much much less triggers and scripts and yet the sample are faster.

I was hoping there were some general tips or advice some of you may have in order to speed things along. I have yet to being testing the database with the server so I'm hoping to optimize it here as much as I can before proceeding to that step.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: So in order to further my testing, I copied and pasted the layout from the invoice sample (just the fields and the background) into my DB. Doing that vastly improved the speed. I find this strange. The only difference between my layout and the sample, visually, is I have larger font sizes and larger text fields. I have no extra pictures either. Are those things known to slow down the process?