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    photo orientation



      photo orientation



           When importing a photo from GO into my database, the picture is ALWAYS the wrong orientation.  When i take the picture in landscape, it's rendered in portrait (and 90 degrees off) and when in portrait, it comes in to the DB in landscape and stretched.  Is there a setting that's not employed somewhere?


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               Thank you for your post.

               I am unable to replicate the issue, and I know that doesn't help you.

               Create a new database file with one Container field, make the file available via Network Sharing, and access the Shared file via FileMaker Go.  Add a record and take a picture.  Does this work?  If so, then your original file may be damaged.  If not, then try rebooting FileMaker Go, and if the issue still occurs, reboot the iOS device and try again.

               If you continue to have difficulty, let me know the version of FileMaker Pro being used, the version of FileMaker Go, and the operating system on both your Desktop computer and iOS device.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                      it comes in to the DB in landscape and stretched.

                 I can think of one explanation for why an image may appear stretched. In the data formatting specified for the container field, see if the "maintain original proportions" check box has been cleared. If it's cleared and either "reduce or enlarge to fit" or "enlarge to fit" is enabled, your image will "stretch" to fit the current dimensions of the container field and this will distort the image.

                 It does not, however, explain the orientation issues.

                 But when taking pictures with my iPhone, I've found it very easy to hold the phone upside down as the photo display still shows the image right side up. That might not be the case for you, but it would be one way to get an image inserted into a container field upside down.

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              This is on an iPhone 6+, running FM Go13, pulling from FM Server 12 (remote connection via WiFi), and the desktop version you see is running FMPA 14.0.4.


              This HAS to be something that can be fixed without a 30 step import-export thing. my solution relies on people taking photographs in the field and having those photos available to our end-user clients...in the proper orientation.


              Please advise.


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                Great video. We're having the same problem. My coworker has to take pictures off-site using FMGo14 on an iPhone. He shoots from within the app from a container field and most of the photos come into FM upside-down and sideways. I had to go through the database and find them, drag them onto the desktop, open in Photoshop, save, close, and drag back into FM to replace the upside-down ones. Very frustrating!