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    Pictures taken on iOS are flipped



      Pictures taken on iOS are flipped


      One of my clients noticed that if he takes a picture with his iphone straight to his camera roll then opens filemaker Go and adds that photo to the container, it flips and stretches the picture. But if he takes the picture straight from the container field it is fine. I checked it also and it does some strange things. If I export the contents then alter the picture a tad bit in photoshop, it turns out fine. There must be something wrong with the meta interpretations when adding the photo. Could someone look into this?

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          Ryan Demond:

          Thank you for your post, but I'm unable to reproduce the problem using an iPhone 4S.  I take a picture from my phone, store it in the Photos app, launch FileMaker Go, open a file with a Container field, tap the Container field, tap "Choose From Library", and select the photo just taken.  In a new record, I tapped the Container field, tapped "Take Photo", and snapped a similar picture.  Both pictures appeared the same without any flipping or stretching.

          Let me know what I'm doing differently than you (or your client), and I'll try to replicate the problem here.

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            Does the orientation depend upon how the phone is held to take the picture, there are four orientations. On a film camera the images can be inverted and if you turn a movie camera upside down, the viewers will see the images upside down. I ask because I don't know.

            The stretching is one option of the container field when you create it. Check your settings in the Inspector. You can alter the image inside the container by a container setting and you can also anchor the container to both sides of the window which would stretch it.