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    Please Help Please



      Please Help Please


       I have a client in Florida I hot them to purchase Filemaker pro and filmakerGo I showed the owner The solution I created for their company and the Only one to get by is the person in Florida She installed FMGO on iPad 1 she is using ATT service She logs into my server sees all my files but when She clicks on the file it says host or file not available. I am using Verizon and I can connect with no problems. Please help

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          Hi Lawfour:

          Thanks for posting.

          I have some questions on your sharing setup.

          Is your database solution hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server?

          What version of FileMaker Pro or Server is acting as the host?

          Is the database hosted at a different location from theFloridauser?

          If the Floridauser is in a location away from the server, they will need to use the external IP address to access the server.  On your server machine, open a web browser and go to http://www.whatismyip.com.  This page will show you the external IP address, which the client will need to use.  You also need to make sure port 5003 is open from the server machine.  Ports can be blocked through a firewall or router in most cases.  You can visit http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7840 for a general guide on opening ports through a router.  Let me know whether these suggestions help or not.



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            Yes ports that need to be open are open i am in Pennsylvania she is in florida.  I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 She is using Ipad 1 with a new installation of filemakerGo.  She can see my files but when she clicks on it it give a error File not on host or host not available she does not get to the login screen.  she is stopped by the error.


            I can access remotely with my Ipad 2 and Iphone 4 with no problem

            I had my brother who lives in Delaware try to access my files with a Ipad 1 and a Ipad 2 both were able to access my files with no problem.

            Even someone from Austraila was able to access my files with her iphone with no problems.


            I know on my end everything is setup correctly.  Also she tried using 3G as well as Wifi and both connections failed for her.

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              Another user once reported that booting up the iPad and immediately launching FileMaker Go would cause FileMaker Go to not connect through 3G.  Launching Safari first to initiate the 3G connection, followed by opening FileMaker Go would get the connection to work.  Have the user inFloridastart by rebooting their iPad.  After rebooting, launch Safari and test that web pages load using the 3G connection.  After confirming the connection, have the user open FileMaker Go and attempt to connect to your host.  Have them also remove the host IP and re-add it into the FileMaker Go remote hosts.  Keep me updated on whether this helps.



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                If she SEES the files but cannot connect, that is a problem not being addressed so far. I don't have the exact answer but here is a workaround.

                One suggestion: create a file that when opned will open the file on your server or at least open it to the password dialog. You then email that file to your client. If you require a password, you can transmit that by another means for security reasons.

                This is very easy to do. First using a remote computer running Pro, create a script with the Open File function. You will have to add the IP Address, file name, etc. Test that script several times until you are sure that it will open the file on the server.

                Now, in Options click the button for the startup script and select this script. When the file opens it will open your file on the server or at least show the password dialog. Since I don't know how valuable the contents of the file are, I won't tell you how to have the script open an account with a password.

                You can also add this script to the menu bar and attached to a button on a layout.

                Now you have a guaranteed opener of your file, etc.

                Email the file to your client and keep your fingers crossed.