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Pop-Up Menu puzzle

Question asked by JCMendler on Sep 4, 2011
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Pop-Up Menu puzzle


Here's my puzzle - any assistance appreciated...

Just upgraded to FileMaker 11 and grabbed FileMaker Go. I am trying to create an iPhone solution for a desktop/laptop solution that I already have.

On FileMaker Pro, when you use a Pop-Up Menu, as you start to type, it will jump you to the point on your Value List based on what you have typed thus far (basically auto-completing the text). This does not seem to be an option with FileMaker Go. If I define the field as a Pop-Up Menu, I get a very nice scrolling wheel in FM Go, but no option to start typing to "jump" to the right section of the Value List. If I define the field as a Drop Down List, I get the option to scrolling wheel OR typing, but no typing to jump down the Value List. Plus, it presents the problem that you can type a Value not on the list. 

My problem arises from the fact that I have defined the Value List based on a field that contains about 5,000 records / options. Also, the value MUST come from that list. (Basically, it is a customer / client list defined in one table and used to link the record to a record in a new table. The value must come from that list to be sure that it relates properly back to the first table...)

This arrangement worked fine in FM Pro 7 and ported up to FM Pro 11 without a hitch. BUT, I can't figure out how to make it work easily in FM Go. Right now I have only pilot tested the set up with a list of about 80 items, and that is enough of a pain to scroll through. I dread trying to find a name in a list of 5,000. 

Is there a trick to simulate this behavior, or is this simply a limitation of FM Go?

Any advice would be appreciated. (Or comments that it will be changed in a future upgrade ;-)