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    Pop-Up Menu puzzle



      Pop-Up Menu puzzle


      Here's my puzzle - any assistance appreciated...

      Just upgraded to FileMaker 11 and grabbed FileMaker Go. I am trying to create an iPhone solution for a desktop/laptop solution that I already have.

      On FileMaker Pro, when you use a Pop-Up Menu, as you start to type, it will jump you to the point on your Value List based on what you have typed thus far (basically auto-completing the text). This does not seem to be an option with FileMaker Go. If I define the field as a Pop-Up Menu, I get a very nice scrolling wheel in FM Go, but no option to start typing to "jump" to the right section of the Value List. If I define the field as a Drop Down List, I get the option to scrolling wheel OR typing, but no typing to jump down the Value List. Plus, it presents the problem that you can type a Value not on the list. 

      My problem arises from the fact that I have defined the Value List based on a field that contains about 5,000 records / options. Also, the value MUST come from that list. (Basically, it is a customer / client list defined in one table and used to link the record to a record in a new table. The value must come from that list to be sure that it relates properly back to the first table...)

      This arrangement worked fine in FM Pro 7 and ported up to FM Pro 11 without a hitch. BUT, I can't figure out how to make it work easily in FM Go. Right now I have only pilot tested the set up with a list of about 80 items, and that is enough of a pain to scroll through. I dread trying to find a name in a list of 5,000. 

      Is there a trick to simulate this behavior, or is this simply a limitation of FM Go?

      Any advice would be appreciated. (Or comments that it will be changed in a future upgrade ;-)


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          You can restrict the entries to the contents of the value list in the fields definition by clicking on the Validation tab and the checking member of value list.

          But, as you've noticed this is a limitation of Go at this point in its development cycle. I could get the typing to work correctly in the same type of field. Might be the trigger I was using when it was using it as a popup men.

          Maybe we could convince the engineers to give up the monster wheel in favor of a mimic of Pro?

          Still, at just $9 Go is the bargain of the century. We just have to rethink our designs and keep our fingers crossed.