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    Pop-up-menu entry



      Pop-up-menu entry



      I have a script that runs on a FMGo file that runs these steps:

      Show Custom Dialog (to instruct user on entry into next step)

      Go to Field [Select/perform; File::FieldName] this field is on the layout as a Pop-up-menu

      Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]

      I would like to eliminate the Pause/Resume step; instead, I'd like the Pop-up-menu to display after they tap OK on the Custom Dialog, allow the user to select a value in the Pop-up-menu , and once a value is checked, the script continues without them having to click the Continue button at the bottom of the iPad.

      Also, if this is not possible, is there a way to eliminate the Previous/Next buttons in the Status Bar at where the Continue button is? I've disabled the Cancel with the Allow User Abort Script step.

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          Instead of pausing, you might use two scripts. Script one takes you to the menu formatted field and script to is performed by a script trigger once the value in the menu is selected. You may also want to experiment with both drop down lists and pop up menus to figure out which works best for you here.