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Popup Window without Minimize, Maximize or Close buttons

Question asked by pademo57 on Apr 14, 2014
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Popup Window without Minimize, Maximize or Close buttons


     Hi There,

     Fairly new to Filemaker and specifically ver 13.

     Problem: Manufacturing plant training new employees on computer equipment. Very noisy in plant and program was written in the 90's.

     Solution: Recreate program in Filemaker 13 and possibly in Filemaker Go so trainers can walk through the processes in classroom.


     1) Current manufacturing program can only handle inputs one way. So if you press the button Process, it pops up a window which has four buttons on it: Style#1, Style#2, Style#3 and Style#4.

     The popup window does not have a minimize, maximize or close button. Instead when you press one of the Style buttons it automatically closes the windows. 

     Is this possible in Filemaker Go? If so, How?

     Can someone walk me through this from beginning to end?

     Thanks in advance.