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    port mapping with airport extreme



      port mapping with airport extreme


      Here is where I am stuck:

      I still have not been able to use filemaker go on the go. I can't count how many times I drove to bread co to test and see if I could retrieve my database from another wifi network. I called filemaker support and they gave me the most help. I can connect locally with filemaker server to filemaker go no problem. But when I enter the external address in filemaker go no files are available. Filemaker said I needed to call apple support and they would help me setup port mapping via my network using an airport extreme. I called apple care. The first gentlemen said I needed to download an older version of airport utility and he could not walk me through it, which is incorrect as the new one still supports port mapping. I got to tier two and they said they could not walk me through the process either. This is where I am stuck. I didn't know if anyone on here had any knowledge of how to setup port mapping for a mac running lion and the newest update to airport utility, so that I may use filemaker go on the go. 
      Thanks again for any help,

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          Try this:

          Tap the Open File Browser button. Now tap Local Network Hosts. Now that will either offer up a local wifi connection or it won't.

          If it doesn, just tap on the file you see. Make sure it is open and set for sharing, of course.

          If this doesn't work then let's manually add a host.

          Open Filesharing in Filemaker Pro, check to see your files are shared and then copy the WiFi address at the top. 192.168...etc.

          Return to Filemaker Go. Tap Open File Browser. At the bottom of the Favorite Hosts section is an Add Host... button. Tap this.

          Enter the wifi address in the top field and add a host name if you like in the second. I don't since the wifi address will show up and I can select one from the list.

          This may get you connected and if so ....

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            The 192.168... Ip address is only going to work on your local lan.  It's not a public IP address.  To get your public Ip address goto www.ipchicken.com.   You will have to setup your router to route to the local ip address 192.168...., which is the computer hosting your databases.  You need to besure port 80 is open.  If Port 80 is not open then you can use port 591.   If you use port 591 then you will type your public ip address with a colon and 591. For example You will have to do the above steps as Jack stated above.  You can google to find a site that test open ports on your computer

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              Andrew Frohling:

              Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

              The information from "S Chamblee" is good for Instant Web Publishing (IWP).  Port 5003 is what FileMaker Pro uses to see database files shared over the network.

              I know some time has passed, so if you have since found a resolution, please post here so others who encounter the same difficult can benefit.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Yes, what resolution was found? If any?