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port mapping with airport extreme

Question asked by AndrewFrohling on Jul 16, 2012
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port mapping with airport extreme


Here is where I am stuck:

I still have not been able to use filemaker go on the go. I can't count how many times I drove to bread co to test and see if I could retrieve my database from another wifi network. I called filemaker support and they gave me the most help. I can connect locally with filemaker server to filemaker go no problem. But when I enter the external address in filemaker go no files are available. Filemaker said I needed to call apple support and they would help me setup port mapping via my network using an airport extreme. I called apple care. The first gentlemen said I needed to download an older version of airport utility and he could not walk me through it, which is incorrect as the new one still supports port mapping. I got to tier two and they said they could not walk me through the process either. This is where I am stuck. I didn't know if anyone on here had any knowledge of how to setup port mapping for a mac running lion and the newest update to airport utility, so that I may use filemaker go on the go. 
Thanks again for any help,