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    Portal row data disappearing



      Portal row data disappearing


      I am using a db created in FM 11, on FM11 Go for ipad.  It is password protected with a restore login privilege.  Yesterday I spent my afternoon entering data into related portal rows, while at the same time going back and forth between other apps.  When I would bring FMG back up, it would ask me if I wanted to continue where I left off, and each time I said yes.  At one point, I again switched back to FMG, but this time the main files list came up and it did not ask me if I wanted to continue.  So I re-opened the db, entered my login & password, but all the data I had entered in the previous three hours was GONE.  I am realizing this is not the first time this has happened, I have two other times seen data in portal rows disappear after working on it.  Am I doing something wrong, or does FMG have a problem I am unaware of?

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          Anita Woods:

          Thank you for your post.

          If you switch from FileMaker Go to another application and then back to FileMaker Go, if it asks that you want to continue, then make sure you have Auto-Restore Login turned on in FileMaker Go Settings.  That is, in FileMaker Go, from the home screen, tap the wrench icon in the upper right corner and turn on Auto-Restore Login.

          When this is turned on, When FileMaker Go returns from another application, it will not ask you if you want to re-open databases that were open.  The "fmrestorelogin" extended privilege will then not prompt you for an account name and password.

          Moving on to the issue...

          It's not 100% clear if the database file is local or hosted on a machine running either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.  Can you clarify?

          How many other applications are open on your iOS device when you noticed the data had disappeared?  When you do notice, how long had it been since the iOS device was rebooted (in case of possible memory conflicts)?  Does this usually occur only when you are adding/editing related records?  Do you have any relationships set up where the option is checked for "Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table"?

          Any other information you can provide may help me narrow the focus.

          FileMaker, Iinc.

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            Thank you for your reply.  I have updated the auto-restore settings in FMGo.  

            Database file is local on the iPad, and I have been transferring back and forth between my ipad and my Macbook Air through the app sharing section of iTunes.  That is why the first time this happened, I chalked it up to user-error, even though I had been very careful, I thought perhaps I had uploaded the less recent version onto the ipad instead of vice versa.  The app is almost exclusively used for data input on the ipad.  I only use it in FM Pro on my Mac very occasionally, and mostly for DB edit, not data entry.

            I do not recall what was running during the last time this happened, but this time I know it was NOT user error because I was not at my office where my Macbook is, had not synced, and had been using the ipad exclusively all afternoon.  When this happened on Sunday, I had maybe 6 or so apps open: FM Go, Facebook, Safari, Kindle, Words with Friends, MW Dictionary app.  Scrolling back and forth through apps with the 4-finger swipe or the home button double-tap.  

            I do not frequently reboot my device, maybe once every 4-5 days (usually because it loses internet access--an ipad problem that is a whole 'nother story).

            Both times this has happened it has occurred with adding portal records.  I don't recall if I had deleted any portal rows the first time this happened (again, I dismissed it as user-error, it was several weeks ago, so didn't investigate the problem much more thoroughly), but on Sunday, I had successfully deleted one portal row using a button with a Delete Portal Row script.  My last portal row entry was at 5:15pm, and when I next came back at 5:43pm, the previous five portal records, from the previous three hours, were gone.  

            Relationships: there are "allow creation" options, but there are no "allow delete" options checked.

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              Anita Woods:

              Thank you for the detailed information.

              It's good to know that you do not have "Allow delete" option checked.  This is a more common scenario.

              Is the button executing a "Delete Portal Row script"?  Or, executing the script step "Delete Portal Row"?  If the former, I'd like to know what other steps are included.

              To verify the data gets saved before switching to another applications, you should consider a button to Commit Records.  Otherwise, if you lose connection to the file when you switch back from another application, the data could be lost.

              Nothing else you described brings up any "red flags", and I'm well aware that doesn't help you.  Please continue to keep an eye on it, and the next time this occurs, immediately write down what you were doing prior to switching to the other application and back again.  Maybe a trend will appear.

              Also, try rebooting your device more frequently to reduce any possibility of memory conflicts.  Personally, I turn off my iPad nightly and let it recharge overnight.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Did you try going to a layout based on the same table as that referenced in the portal and looking for the missing data there?

                There are ways you can enter data in a portal and it will disappear from the portal due to the portal's relationship and/or portal filter. If you can find the data in the table from this other layout, that will suggest a closer look at the design of your portal and its relationship.

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                  Yes, create a table in the child file open it and sort by date created so that today's date is at the top. See if the new records show up.

                  They either appear indicating a problem as Phil mentioned or they don't which is an internal problem of some kind.

                  It sounds as if you are employing a combination of copy and replace and networking with the file on the desktop computer and then doing a drop and replace of one or the other.

                  Could you open the file on the desktop and enter the records there, loose the connection and open an old copy on the iPad instead. This would appear to have lost the data you entered. Now if you re-enter it in the local copy of the iPad, close it. And open the remote file on the desktop you would not see your records. If you then copy the local file onto top of the remote copy, the records will reappear...

                  Transfering files from one computer to the other can cause problems and loss of data.

                  Creating a backup script for your desktop is a good idea, Save a copy as into a backup folder.