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Portal scrolling broken when first opening database?

Question asked by weetbicks on Apr 30, 2012
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Portal scrolling broken when first opening database?


Hi guys, hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue or suggest a workaround.

I am building a small FileMaker Go application for iPhone and on the first layout there is a portal showing contacts. When the database first loads it does a startup script that runs some seemingly inoffensive script steps (eg hide status area, lock toolbars etc..) 

When the database first opens and I am presented with this portal, I can begin to scroll through it no problems (love this new FM12 feature of not having to "activate" a portal).  HOWEVER, as soon as I click on a portal row, it immediately jumps to the top of the portal to the first row. After that happens I am free to scroll again and click in any portal i wish. It is only on the very first time the database is opened that I experience this behavior.  it is incredibly frustrating because the whole point is that a user opens the database, scrolls to a contact, and expects to be able to click them, but they have to do this twice.

I have tried numerous things to resolve this such as:

• Going to portal on startup via object name, portal row etc

• Running the script that is activated from within a portal row via the startup script to try and simulate "activating" the portal

Both have failed - it seems to want me to click in it at least once for it to register that it is a portal, or something like that... Once that is done i can even go to other layouts and come back and it works fine.


Any ideas? This is pretty crucial as with this small bug it basically breaks the entire solution from a usability perspective.