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Portal Scrolling Revisited

Question asked by PolyPaparas on Feb 12, 2011
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Portal Scrolling Revisited


In view of the problem with accessing the vertical scroll bar on FM Go on the ipad, and even more on the iphone, I tried to use navigation arrows.

I placed 4 arrows right next to the portal and created buttons that run the relevant script

i.e. Go to first portal row

Go to Portal Row [Select; First]
Refresh Window []

Go to previous portal row

Go to Portal Row [Select; Previous]
Refresh Window []


The problem is that the active portal row changes, but the portal does not scroll. So if I select go to last portal row, then it often ends up outside the window!!! One good thing though is that if one gets the focus on a portal row like this, then one can use the finger scroll to navigate.

On FM Pro 11 it works fine

The question is: what am I doing wrong? how can I use the arrows for proper scrolling?

Many thanks for any help offered