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    Portals don't scroll on Ipad?



      Portals don't scroll on Ipad?


      I was very exciited to get my solution up and running but now have discovered a big problem that my portals don't scroll? I have read some post's about zooming in and this doesn't work. This is with numerous layouts using portals and all of them don't scroll. Is this a limitation to the IPAD?

      Thanks for direction.

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          Sorry I did more research and it is an "Apple Technique" as many probably do I found my big fingers were not cooperating as this is a technique to be learned. While far from ideal patience allows you to get to the portal.  Is there a technique to attach an up down button to navigate the scroll bar within a portal?

          If there is would be a great solution.

          Many Thanks

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            I'm not a Go user, but as far as I know this technique should work in Go the way it does in FileMaker Pro:

            Let's say you have a 5 row portal and you want to add two large finger sized buttons, one to display the next 5 portal records and one to display the previous 5 portal records. Your portal's table includes an auto-entered serial number field and you want the records displayed in creation order.

            Set up this Portal Filter on the portal:

            PortalTable::SerialID < GetNthRecord ( PortalTable::SerialID ; $$TopRow ) and PortalTable::SerialID > GetNthRecord ( PortalTable::SerialID ; $$TopRow + 4 )

            Your "next 5" script performed by tapping the Next button would be:

            Set Variable [$$TopRow ; value: $$TopRow + 5 ]
            Refresh Window [flush cached join results]

            Your "previous 5" script would be:

            Set variable [$$Top Row ; value: $$TopRow - 5]
            Refresh Window [Flush cached join results ]

            Add this script with an OnLayoutEnter or OnRecordLoad:

            Set variable [$$Top Row ; value: 1 ]
            Refresh Window [Flush cached join results ]

            to initialize the global variable when you first access the layout or the record. You can also make the scripts a bit more sophisticated to halt the incrementing of the variable when you reach the first or last block of portal records to display...