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Portals finally work right in 12...kinda

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 8, 2012
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Portals finally work right in 12...kinda


My first test of a portal makes me happy with 12. I was so unhappy with the way portals were working in Go that I have avoided using them. In 12 the portal will scroll (iPhone test) as soon as I swipe it rather than have to go through the routine of first touching to activate and then scrolling. Now I may use portals again.

Ooops, the scroll bar is unresponsive and can't be used to move the records.

Swipe scrolling works but not dragging or clicking on the scroll bar.

Clicking on a record makes the scroll bar disappear, not good.

The Pro 12 portal will scrolling using the mouse wheel when the cursor is inside the row area, no click needed, and the scroll bar reacts accordingly with the elevator moving up and down.

Look forward to update...