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Portals on iOS

Question asked by GFS on Jun 28, 2013
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Portals on iOS


     I'm having some buggy behavioiur with portals on iOS and I was wondering if there were any workarounds.

     I have a layout with 2 portals on it, both of which have scripts attached.  1 portal is of the same table and performs correctly.  The other is of a related table and does some weird things.  Basically, when I click it's button, sometimes it will appear to not run the script correctly and will jump the record back to the first one in the table.  Pretty annoying.  It appears to be an issue with the portal getting activated.  Once I get it to run one time, then it will be fine from then on ... until I go to another record or two then come come back and try again, at which time it may or may not work.

     Anyone seen this behaviour and if so any workarounds?