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Possible character buffer problem when using keystroke trigger

Question asked by tcmeyers on Nov 4, 2010
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Possible character buffer problem when using keystroke trigger


As an aside, today's iPhone FMGo 1.1.2 update appears to run more quickly.

I have noticed a possible problem with incoming character buffering when using Bluetooth to sub for the onscreen keyboard. The bluetooth device is a barcode scanner, which of course can output characters faster than I can type.

I've tested the scanner just pumping scans into the iPhone Notes app, and haven't seen any bad scans after many trials. Scanning into FMGo, however, frequently comes up with incorrect scans, either characters are dropped, or surprisingly, some are repeated, either singly or as a small group repeat. I'd say that one out of every 3 or 4 scans are affected. This makes me wonder if there's a problem with character buffering either in FMGo or at the iOS level.

The Notes app just accepts and displays the scanned text, but in FMGo I'm doing a "Keystroke" script trigger to look for carriage-returns so that a completed scan can be tested for validity, and actions taken. I know that the keystroke script triggers can slow down the acceptance of character streams, because we have a very old eMac with a USB scanner connected to it, and a similar script handles that input... it's slow enough that you can see the characters appear one by one on that old machine. If, on the iPhone, a logjam of characters isn't being handled well then it could cause the symptoms I've seen. Yes, it still happens in FMGo 1.1.2

Is this a known problem?