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Precise Steps for FileMaker Go

Question asked by GovtLawyer on Feb 21, 2012
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Precise Steps for FileMaker Go & Pro Updating - Needed


I have a FileMaker Pro 11 database which I am also using on my iPad2.  The method for keeping both up to date will be by copying the latest file over the less recent one.  I am using iTunes for the copying.

However, the directions in both the Pro & Go help files leave a question unanswered.  Below is how I intend to copy the files and what I perceive as the problem.

I understand the process is not synchronization!

I enter data in my iMac Filemaker Pro.  I use iTunes and in the App section of my iPad2 account I go to the Share files.  I find FileMaker and add the file by finding it on my Mac and adding it to iTunes.  VOILA - I now have the exact same file on both my Mac and iPad.

Let's assume I take the iPad into the field and change or add data.  If I connect the iPad2 to iTunes and use Save to, it copies my latest file, with the new data on the iPad2, over the original one - preserving the changes.  

Suppose I used the database on the iPad for just information and made no changes at all.  If I made changes on the iMac and want them reflected on the iPad, I'm unsure about one thing.  When I go to iTunes and connect my iPad, the file in the FileMaker Go sharing section is the file from the day before.  How does that file get updated? Does closing FileMaker always update the file in iTunes?  Does adding the file to a device automatically add the latest file?  If not, do I have to delete the file in iTunes and add the latest?  I would hate to use iTunes to copy an outdated file to my iPad.

Thanks for your help.