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    Prevent Keyboard appearing



      Prevent Keyboard appearing


      I have a iPad / iPhone go database I'm experimenting with, where we will be logging competitor numbers as they pass through checkpoints, I've done a layout that includes a set of buttons as a keypad as this will be faster than entering via the iPad keyboard, however when the focus is set to the field into which I wan to enter the data, the iPad keyboard automatically appears, is there a way to stop this, preferably via FileMaker ?




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          You need to get the focus off the field.  Try running a commit record script step after you set the number into the field.

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            Set the field in question to be non-enterable on the layout. The cursor need not be in it.

            To see the numbers when you type use this script for the buttons:


            Set Field (non-enterable-field;non-enterable-field & value of key pressed)

            Commit record


            This will create the add on look.

            You'll need to add a delete last character key and maybe a clear key...etc. I'd practice a lot with this to get the bugs out and find what you need.

            How about bar code numbers on the shirts and a scanner that can read 50 feet away?

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              Thank for the sugestion, the syntax generated by the button set up wizard is slightly different

              Set Field [numbers::Number & 7]


              and this works better than what I had before in generating the numbers, however I still have the keyboard problem, I am now getting 'This button requires that a field be active.  Press Tab or click in a field to make a field active.' and I still need to cick on the field to enter data,

              By saying make the field 'non-enterable on the layout' am I right in doing this by deselecting the 'Field Entry' boxes in the Inspector ? as if I do this then I can't add data at all..... (I'm experienced in databases, Datapower / Alpha 5 / Access, but this is my first real work with FileMaker)

              I'd like to be able to go the bar code. RFID tag etc route but I'm never the organiser for the main event, I work with Amateur radio people to provide communications and I have a very complex (but effective) Alpha 5 database that we use but as this is the only PC programme I use, I'd like to move it to File Maker as I've been mac based for about 5 years and only maintain windows for this one application and having just acquired an iPad, this added other possibilities !!




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                Another multi-application developer...welcome...

                You do not have to have anything visible or active to create a new record and to enter data into the fields unless there is some specific need to do so.

                In your case you can use a blank record using the table in question and the layout above. You do not need to go to a field, put the cursor in the field or have the field active.

                Use your layout above and create a blank layout using the table in question. Paste your objects onto the layout. Drag the field in question onto the layout and place it within the text field borders shown. Make the field not enterable or editable using the inspector and the Data tab.

                Never mind...here's a file to demo it. Much easier for me to create than explain...

                Oops, can't upload a file here and need an ftp site or something.

                So, I've put it in the Box download part of my blog with the name keyboard.fmp12. http://www.gofm.biz  It's a 2 button keyboard that has the basic functions you want and and you can disect it to see how I made it work.

                After a bit of work:

                Here's the file on Box https://www.box.com/s/62086385213743397a4d

                Here's the File on Dropbox http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30019179/Keyboard.fmp12