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    Prevent PDF from saving on Device



      Prevent PDF from saving on Device


      I've been having a problem with the PDF from a email saving to my Ipad.


      I send out at least 50 and sometimes more from my solution on the Ipad the problem I found is the the PDF's saved takes up the resources on the Ipad (at leaset that is what I think) and then FMGO 12 starts to have problem with send the right PDF of record or when view the PDF using the save as PDF, the PDF is blank.


      When I manually delete and restart my Ipad everything works fine.  is their a way to prevent creating PDF on the device when sending emails or if not can a sugguestion be made to,

      Be able to turn off that feature when needed or make it easier to delete files on the device maybe with a edit button so you can select more then one file on device to delete



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          In Regular FileMaker, Export Field Contents with a file path specified but no field specified deletes any file specified by the file path. Any one know if that works in FM GO? (Don't own an iOS device of my own so I can't test this idea before posting...)

          If it works, you could use this step to delete PDF's after sending the email.

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            Larry Williams:

            Thank you for your post.

            The PDF file needs to be created on the iOS device if a PDF file is going to be sent out.  The iOS operating system will not allow overwriting of files, so when you create the PDF file, make sure the file name is unique so you can send out the correct PDF file.  One option is to use a counter and append it to the end of the PDF file name, and then increment the counter for the next PDF file name.

            PhilModJunk - Since iOS will not allow the deletion of files, the Export Field Contents option does not work in FileMaker Go.

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