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Prevent PDF from saving on Device

Question asked by user14040 on Jun 4, 2012
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Prevent PDF from saving on Device


I've been having a problem with the PDF from a email saving to my Ipad.


I send out at least 50 and sometimes more from my solution on the Ipad the problem I found is the the PDF's saved takes up the resources on the Ipad (at leaset that is what I think) and then FMGO 12 starts to have problem with send the right PDF of record or when view the PDF using the save as PDF, the PDF is blank.


When I manually delete and restart my Ipad everything works fine.  is their a way to prevent creating PDF on the device when sending emails or if not can a sugguestion be made to,

Be able to turn off that feature when needed or make it easier to delete files on the device maybe with a edit button so you can select more then one file on device to delete