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    Print Email Issues from FileMaker Go



      Print Email Issues from FileMaker Go


      I keep receiving an error when trying to use the print or email function (from a FileMaker Pro Invoice Template).


      Error #1

      "The script step "Enter Preview Mode" is not supported on this device. Please see help for more information"

      Error #2 in FileMaker Go

      You must use FileMaker Pro 10 or later to access this feature.


      This is an error that I'm getting on both iPad & iPad 2 (running IOS 5.01) Created on FileMaker Pro 11, running on window XP with Security pack 3

      I've uninstalled and re-installed from the iPad 2 and the desktop propgram, but still getting this error. it appears to be a FileMaker script error??



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          Install, re-install, compacting and so forth will have no affect on this error as it is a script error. The line Enter Preview Mode is in the script and this cannot happen on Filemaker Go, hence the error.

          The error is being generated from within your script and is caused by Filemaker inserting the script step when it creates a new script to enter preview mode or perhaps you added it yourself. The script was not debugged or written properly and there was no way that way back when they could have anticipated Filemaker GO.

          When you create a new script, look at the last few lines if there are any and you'll see Enter Preview Mode. You can delete those if you only use a recent version, add an IF to exclude Get(system{latform) = 3 or ask someone for help with this.