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Print Issue after Update to iOS6

Question asked by BrandonTerrell on Sep 22, 2012
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Print Issue after Update to iOS6


     So yesterday I updated my iPad to iOS6, updated Filemaker GO to version 12.0.5, and updated AirPrint Activator (the addon I put on my mac to allow me to print from my ipad to any wireless printer) and now today, without making any changes to scripts or layouts or my filemaker solution at all, I am having a serious printing glitch.  I have attached an image of what my report used to look like, and how it is printing seems like a very odd occurance after simply running some updates, but seeing as I made no other changes I can't imagine what else it would be.  Is this something anyone else is experiencing, and is there a possible fix for this?  It still prints normally when done from my Mac, so it would appear to be solely a Filemaker GO issue.  Maybe I missed some change in the update log?  Any hints would be helpful.  Thanks!