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    Print reports or pdf generate in FMG



      Print reports or pdf generate in FMG


      Hi, I'm new FMG. I have made an application in FMP 11 with some reports in two columns.
      When I open this application in FMG and try verlosl reports and then print from FMGtells me that the preview is not available in FMG.
      I can print these reports without having to use Preview in FMG or I have to give these reports (renunicar to print or generate a pdf) FMG.
      As I can do this in FMG.

      Thanks, and sorry for my poor English.

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          Filemaker Go does not like Preview and unfortunately Filemaker Pro can insert the Preview function in a script which causes Go to hiccup and produce an error and mesage. It seems to not insert the offending code in Filemaker Pro 12.

          The Report List View can be viewed in Go or Pro but it needs to be sorted to be viewed just as it must be sorted to be printed.

          So your script should have:

          Go to layout report list

          Find records

          Sort Records (sort in order of the sub-summary parts)

          Now it wll look nice in Go or Pro.