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print script button with Filemaker Go

Question asked by paulpuk on Jul 29, 2013
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print script button with Filemaker Go


      Hi, I've a working database on a mac running 10.6.8 and Filemaker Pro 12. It has a print script on the mac that is invoked when a button is pressed/clicked, and the script is set to ignore print dialog boxes and just print - this works just fine from the mac.

     However, when I log in to the same database via Filemaker Go on an ipad, and click the very same "print" button - the dialog boxes for choosing printer settings and choosing printer always show up before I can print.

     The mac will also let me set as default the "print current record" option, but the ipad won't.


     The database is a school reception entry system that automatically prints a visitor card, and is supposed to be a foolproof system.


     Does anyone please know if there's a documented method of allowing the ipad to follow the script (like the mac does) and not show the dialog boxes?

     The possibility of setting the ipad to default to "print current record" instead of seemingly "print found set" (which is always set) would also be very helpful.

     Receptionist printing lots of records each time a visitor arrives is a pain, and we've had to revert to using a mac until I can resolve this hopefully for ipad!


     My apologies if this is basic, just hoping that somebody here will be able to point me toward a solution.


     Thanks in advance,  Paul