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    Printing from server side



      Printing from server side


           Hi all


           I'm new to the forum and quite inexperienced with FMS. I have searched high and low and could not find a solution to my problem...

           Here is my configuration:

           I have filemaker server 12 running, my DB is uploaded and working. Users will access the DB with iPads, using filemaker GO. My corporate printers are not AirPrint compatible. How can the users print records from the iPads? I thought that there would be a server side way to print (iPad issues command/script to server, that connects to the printer), but I haven't as yet found a way to do this. My FMS is already connected to the 5 different printers that I want to use.

           I'd really appreciate any help to solve this, as I'm quite stuck at the moment!

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               Launch FIleMaker pro on the server. Set it to run a script that checks a table for new "print request" records on a regular interval. A "print request" record will be a record in a table you design that provides enough info that the script can find the correct set of records on the correct layout and then prints them.

               Then design a layout for the iPads that enables the user to fill out the fields fo the print request record.

               Install OnTImerScript can be set to run the script in FileMaker Pro on a regular interval.

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                 Hi Phil

                 Thank you for your answer! Hopefully this will work.

                 I'm sorry to abuse from your knowledge, but would you be able to give a bit more details (maybe an example) about both the scripting for a print request and the layout for the iPad?



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                   That would be difficult to do as the details depend on the design of your database and the layout(s) from which you want to print in this fashion. The trick is to get enough detail into that "request record" so that a script can pull up the same layout, the same found set and same sort order as the user had when they requested the print job. There are multiple ways to do that, some simple, some complex and the best option depends heavily on the design of your database. Then you need one more field, a status field, that your script sets and checks to determine which requests have been processed and which are still waiting.

                   And please note that I have never actually done this. I'm combining my knowledge of FM Pro and server with a growing knowledge of FM GO and what I have read in a technical document or two about handing off jobs to the server from an iOS device. I would have suggested running the whole thing off a server schedule, but a quick check shows that the print script steps that you need are not server schedule compatible.

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                     Tks, Phil. I'll try to work on this and will keep this link updated in case other participants have the same need.