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Printing to a Canon Pixma IP100

Question asked by IanSchulze on Feb 10, 2013
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Printing to a Canon Pixma IP100


     My wife has created a database using FM Pro.  The project that she's working on will have teams of techs going out into the field who will then make entries into the database.  Those entries then have to be printed.

     She has a Canon Pixma IP100 and she wants to use FM Go on a couple iPads (which she has not bought yet) for the techs when they do their data entry.  The problem that we are running into is that the Canon isn't supported by AirPrint on the iPads. 

     So, does anyone know of any way that she can use the iPad to print?  The techs will not have access to a network while in the field.  Or will she have to buy the techs netbooks/laptops and extra FM licenses to be able to do this?