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    Printing truncated



      Printing truncated


           I created a super simple recipe app.

           The text area needs to scroll so you can see some of the long recipes.

           The problem is that when you print "to PDF", only the visible portion of the recipe (as seen on the iPad) gets saved.

           Not what we want.

           So, how do you get around this problem so you can print/save the entire recipe - even that which doesn't display due to scrolling needs?


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          Markus Schneider

               Well.. One can't scroll on paper or on a pdf (-:

               -> But You can set a field to slide up, also sliding up the layout part (using the inspector).

               That's the way to produce fine outputs - may need a separate layout for printing. The specific field has to be big enough, so that all text will fit. Then set the field to be slided up. The field can go over several pages


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                 Thank for your reply.

                 The confusion is that FMP Go asks if I want to print the current ... record.

                 Instead, it prints the current screen as shown on the iPad.

                 Sure, I could create another layout since that appears to be needed.

                 Thanks again.


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              Markus Schneider

                   Yes - could lead to a misunderstanding. In FileMaker print dialogs, there is the option to print the current record - or all records (among other options). 'Representation' of data goes via layouts, so it's always a layout that goes to paper - with one record or all records (of the found set)