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Problem emailing PDF doc from FM Go (latest version)

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Nov 11, 2013
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Problem emailing PDF doc from FM Go (latest version)


     In FM Go 12.0.8, My app can create a PDF, save it to the Files On Device area.  I manually open the saved file, click on top right share button, choose email. Email is created with attachment, type in recipient, tap send. After a few seconds, the swoosh sound of message sent occurs, and the mail closes. Problem: 1) mail does not appear anywhere in the Sent folder. 2) mail never arrives at recipient.

     Possibly related, in FM Go, the PDF file shows as 55 MB in the Files on Device area. However, the same exact file created on Mac, and emailed is about 850 KB. In FM Go it appears more than 50 times larger. That seems problematic, as 55 MB file may not email with standard email software. 

     Is there something weird about creating reasonably sized PDF files in FM Go ??