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    Problem with Container Field



      Problem with Container Field



      Hopefully someone has run across this.  I have a problem now on two different Filemaker Go apps running on iPads.  When the user taps a container field rather than getting the option menu of camera, use picture, etc. the only option is paste.  This doesn't occur on all the iPads and the apps are on a FM Server Advanced 12 so each iPad is using the same app.

      If the user pastes something into the field then they can choose to replace it's contents and take a picture.



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          I will do some testing, but a question first, have you upgraded to ios8.1?  Another user just posted a similar question, so there may be a bug.

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            Check your security setting for the users, set the available menu option to all.

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              I am having this same issue. If you hit paste, you can then "replace" and it finally gives you the normal window. S Chamblee, can you provide some more detail on which security setting needs updating?

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                Thanks for the quick reply S Chamblee.   I do have all menus available (hate that I have to but oh well..).

                This is a new issue.  It didn't occur initially.  One app worked fine for several months before this became a problem.  It also seems confined to individual iPads in my case with two devices accessing the same app on the FM server but only one experiencing the problem.  And as I said it's happened with two different apps.   

                I need to confirm FM Go versions on each device as running an update on one yesterday did resolve the issue, at least for now.  

                Scott, my experience is the key security setting is allowing full menus.  And of course, any other settings that may be required by other aspects of your app.

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                  For me being new to FM Go a true annoyance is it's persistence.  It remembers it's last state whatever you do.  Swipe out of FM Go and it will reopen where you left off.  Even restarting the device doesn't make it "start fresh".  And though I'm sure there's a reason, the "Exit" script command not really exiting FM Go is also annoying.

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                    I am having this issue running as a "full access" admin-level user, so I'm not sure it's a menu permissions problem.

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                      If the user does not have access to all menu on the iPad or you use a custom menu on that layout then you can have problems with the popup menu on the iPad.   If you create custom security settings there is a option "Available menu command" and this option should be set to all.  To test I would create a new sample databases with no custom menu, no custom security settings and just a container field set to images in the inspector.  Set any menus to "Standard Filemaker Menu" 

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                        Still an ongoing problem for me.  With a new app based on the same data I get the same problem but only with some iPads so I doubt it's a FMGo issue.

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                          Does your database use custom menus?  If so make sure you set your menu back to the standard filemaker menu on the iPad layout.   

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                            No custom menus and full menu access for the user.  Again, the database is hosted on FMServer12 advanced used by several devices but only 2 had the issue.

                            But uninstalling FM G0 13 on the iPad and re-installing it solved the problem.

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                              The menu for inserting items is handled by the os of the device.  The information I'm giving is from pass experience with the issue you have describe.  If it is an os issue then it would occur with other apps, not just Go.   It well may be an issue with using 13 connecting to 12, but this wouldn't seem like the issue because the computer nor the server has anything to do with the menu on the ios device. 

                               1)  Have you tested a new basic database from the starter solution, to verify the issue happens with a different database?

                               2)  I would also run recover on the database to verify there is not any file corruption.  Corrupt data, corrupt layout, corrupt images in containers, which anyone can cause weird behavior. 

                              There are bugs that occur and with several different version of products, it can be hard to track down.  The only time I have seen this issue is with the menu access being restricted or changed.    The only way to rule it a bug is to eliminate the basics, and then give steps to reproduced the issue.  

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                                Another thing I just though of that may help.  iOS8 added new security settings.  Any new app you install that tries to access the camera will ask to allow access to the camera, which I'm speculating that is why it started working after you reinstall Filemaker Go.  

                                To verify access to the camera :
                                1)  Settings
                                2) Privacy
                                3) Camera
                                4) Filemaker Go switch needs to be turn on.

                                This is not the normal behavior if this is the issue, but it  may have to do with the file being hosted on 12, so hopefully this is your issue.