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Problem with data separated solution upon restore; began after iOS 5/ FM Go upgrades

Question asked by disabled_pmorgan66 on Nov 1, 2011
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Problem with data separated solution upon restore; began after iOS 5/ FM Go upgrades


While working on a served data-separated solution for the first time since upgrading my iPad to iOS 5 and FileMaker Go for iPad v1.2.3, I'm having problems accessing the data file(s) when I switch apps and then coming back to FM Go. Upon attempting to restore, FM Go prompts me for a login to the data file (not the interface file, which is the file originally logged into). However, when I enter the correct login account and password, I'm presented with an dialog, "The given account name and password cannot be used to access this file." and denied access. The entire solution then apparently closes.

Troubleshooting reveals that the problem seems to be related to the fact that the interface file is set up with an automatic login to a "user" account/password. The data files are not set up with an automatic login, but receive login credentials via their relationship to the interface file. Even if I set up the data file to "auto enter" the same credentials as the interface file (which I'd rather not do anyway), the session restore still fails. 

When I force the login prompt upon opening the interface file originally and enter either my admin credentials or the user credentials, then session restore prompts me for relogin to the interface file (correctly) and then restores normally after authentication. The FM Go setting "Auto-Restore Login" has no impact on or off.

In addition to troubleshooting my original soluiton, I also set up a test set of data separated files and got the same results.

This behavior appears to be new since upgrading, as I had no such issues with session restores under iOS 4 and the previous version of FM Go. 

Environment: Developed in FMP 10 Advanced on OS X 10.6; all files hosted on FMS 10 Advanced; iPad (1st gen) running iOS 5; FM Go for iPad v1.2.3; authentication is handled by FileMaker (not externally).