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Problem with Foundset Emails

Question asked by user14040 on May 4, 2012
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Problem with Foundset Emails


Can you tell me what Im doing wrong, I am using the same script (Picture attached) in another database but it's not emailing correctly from the foundset.


What happens is it emails the first record twice then it stops and then goes to the next record.  Using the same script in another solution it works fine.


I have two scripts one that searches for what I want to seee in this case everything with "Yes" showing that works fine, the script goes to the layout and shows two records that displays "Yes"


I have a email button on teh layout with a script (picture attached) that suppose to send email to each person their own record of information but what it does is send a email of first record then it send the send email with the same information but with the right email address (from the second record).


Record 1 -  data1

Goto next Record

Record 2 - but sent data from record 1

loop end

script ends and goes to layout displaying Record 2



not sure what the problem is