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Problem with Import menu

Question asked by appt on Feb 20, 2015
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Problem with Import menu


One of my solutions has a popover that opens a window with a container field. The field is used to hold a photograph and touching the field gives access to the import menu.

The solution has a custom menu with limited items.

When I load the solution onto my iPad it works perfectly.

However, on the client's iPad touching the field only gives the 'paste' option (when touched twice).
If you paste then replace the full import menu becomes available.

So what is happening? I know my code is fine because it is working fine on my iPad and another client's, it's just this one iPad that seems to have a problem. Can anyone think of a setting I may have missed in her iPad - I checked that the FM GO app has access to the camera.

She already struggles with the iPad so I really don't want to have to delete the app and reinstall, but if no-one has a solution.....