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Problem, It Take 10 Minutes For Text Field To Be Selected

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Aug 7, 2014
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Problem, It Take 10 Minutes For Text Field To Be Selected


For FM Go, I use the script below to view and insert the file content of a csv file named in in the field: Sensor_Data::File. The  cvs file is at the File On Device location of FM Go. The file is viewed in a “Web Viewer”, and the content inserted in the text field: Sensor_Data::Text using the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function.

     The csv file has 530 lines, and each line has 10 csv numbers. The Problem, when the text field is selected by touched / tapped for scrolling, it takes 10 minutes for the field, Sensor_Data::Text, to get selected and ready to scroll.

     Very Annoying issue of text field taking to long, 10 minutes, to be selected. Is there a work around or fix ?



Go to Layout [ “Data csv” (Sensor_Data) ]
Set Field [ Glbs::g_CSV; "" ]
Set Field [ Sensor_Data::Text; "" ]

Set Variable [ $File; Value:GetAsText ( Sensor_Data::File ) ]
Set Variable [ $FilePath; Value:Get ( DocumentsPath ) & $File ]
Set Field [ Glbs::g_CSV; $FilePath ]
Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 5 ]
Set Variable [ $$File; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "CSV" ; "Content" ) ]

Set Field [ Sensor_Data::Text; $$File ]