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Problems Setting Up Go13 Import Records script

Question asked by peteolandt on Jan 24, 2014
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Problems Setting Up Go13 Import Records script



     I'm a new user to this forum and Pro 13 and Go 13.  So I feel like this should work but I'm missing some key fact in my newness.  

The equipment:  Macbook Pro running OSX 10.9.1 and trial version of FM Pro 13.  And an iPhone 4s running iOS 7.0.4 and FM Go 13.

The situation:  I need to set up iPads for our crews to go out into the field and record info.  They will be out of data range much of the time, so I've figured out I need to transfer the target databases to the iPads (I'm testing on an iphone4S) and then use Import Records script once they are on our LAN to get the data into the main FM file.

The setup:  Following the Filemaker Go 13 Development Guide (Top of page 9), I have created the following test file:

     TestMSSTarget11.fmp12 with the script: Import Records ["TestMSSSource.fmp12"; Update existing; Mac Roman]

     The "TestMSSSource.fmp12" represents "fmnet:/"

     TestMSSSource.fmp12 has been created on the macbook. All the fields line up 1-1 with TestMSSTarget11. 

     I then transferred TestMSSTarget11 over to the iPhone.

     I have double checked that this is the local IP for the FM Pro computer.  In addition, I can get the FM Go iPhone to open up FM files on this same computer.  So I know they can talk to each other.

The Problem: When I'm in FM Go and use the script, absolutely nothing that I can see happens.  I get no error messages.  There is no change in the Source file or Target file.  I've gotten the barcode script to work so it seems like its either something with my script syntax specific to Import Records, or something about the actual connection (permissions, ports, ...)

     So what am I missing?

     Thanks in advance.