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    Problems With FilemakerGo 12  Sending PDF



      Problems With FilemakerGo 12  Sending PDF




      I am using FilemakerGo 12 on the Ipad 2 when I send a email it sends a different record instead of the one it is suppose to, but on the Iphone it works fine.  


      I have the script pausing for 5 seconds to make sure that it is on the correct record before it sends the PDF, the record is correct but the PDF is wrong.  Doing the same test on the Iphone it send out the correct record in PDF format.

      Also, I have a script that opens a PDF of the record but when I use the script on the IPad using FilemakerGo 12 it opens the PDF but the PDF is blank but on the Iphone it works with no problems.


      Anyone else have the same problem? Or maybe ideals on how to fix.



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          Well it looks like this new Update 12.0.3 did something because now FileMakerGo does not create any PDF's, At first I thought it was the PDF copies it makes on my Ipad that was one of the problems because it kept creating the wrong record as a PDF, so I deleted about 50 PDF's it created (And it has to be a easier way to delete the PDF's it creates) but right now it's not creating any.


          Honestly I am not sure what's going on Ipad and Iphone both are not creating PDF's  as soon as I deleted all the PDF's on my device that's when no PDF's were created.


          Any help on this?

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            Problem Solved - (Just in case someone else has the same problem)

            1. I had too many Apps open in the background not enough resources to create PDf's

            2. Deleted all created PDF's on the Device ( would like to pervent PDF's from being created not sure why that was added when you can send yourself a email if you need to have a copy)

            3. Restarted Ipad after closing all opened Apps, I keep my Ipad on all the time but like any computer it needs to be reset.