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Problems with native Quick Find in FM13 Go.

Question asked by cruiseqe2 on Jul 14, 2014
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Problems with native Quick Find in FM13 Go.


     Hi there,

     I have a very simple 1 table FM13 database with 4 fields. I only use it on FM13 Go. I use it to journal significant events that happen to me day-by-day.

     When I need to find historic records I often enter Quick Find and type my string. 9 times out of 10 it all works and matching records are displayed.

     However, occasionally, this does not work. Some (early) matching records ARE displayed, but then the more recent ones are not. I believe that the record count is correct.

     I have 2 layouts - 1 for displaying on my iPad and one for Printing, The printing one has larger field boxes and lots of sliding going on to ensure that all the data is printed.

     In the printing layout, ALL the matching records ARE displayed - but not in the display layout.

     As I said earlier, this behaviour only happens occasionally, but I am mystified as to why! Any help?