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    QR Code Generation and Filemaker Go



      QR Code Generation and Filemaker Go


      Hi there,

      I have a filemaker pro script that assigns a QR code based on a unique ID, and the script works perfectly.  However, when I try to run the script on filemaker go, I always get the error "connection failed".  Is there something that needs to be added to the script in order to make it mobile accessible or something?

      My script is attached.


      Thank you!



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          Thank you for your post.

          Your script looks fine, and the only place where a "connection failed" could occur is in the "Insert from URL" script step.  To make sure this works, create a temporary text field, and just before the "Insert from URL" script step, place a Set Field script step referencing the new temporary text field and $theURL.  You can then see if the URL is valid, and you can paste this into a browser to verify the URL is valid and test for the connection.

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