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Question About Excel Database and Custom Applications

Question asked by KeithMarshall on Aug 20, 2012
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Question About Excel Database and Custom Applications


 I just found the site and wanted to ask a semi techincal question. The site says the develop package allows more flexibility. I run a grocery delivery service and I desperately need a software/barcode reader solution to prevent mistakes in items ordered by the customer. I wanted to know a few things. 1. Can I load my excel grocery items database and just scan the barcodes in as i walk through the aisles to prepopulate my spreadsheet with UPC codes. 2. Can I take a shopping list that is generated by my website in excel and shop for the items and have the filemaker check off the things I get as I scan them and tell me if I scanned something in wrong? And help would be greatly appreciated as the other solutions are way expensive!