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    Question around FMG security



      Question around FMG security



      I have my FMP DB's stored on my mac.  I have opened the relevant ports on my router to allow acces to the files.

      Does this now mean that anyone with my IP address can now access all my files?  How do I add security to this??



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          Open ports allows access to your computer through that port. Each network has it own security and file sharing settings.  You will need to setup security for your filemaker files to restrict access to those files.  

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            Thanks for your reply

            So does anything else use port 5003 or is that just FileMaker? (Am I putting anything else at risk?)

            How do I set security on my FMP files? Is this done in FileMaker itself? 

            I have followed filemakers instructions to access the DB from FMP but don't recall seeing anything about increasing security 



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              PI Comm:

              Thank you for your posts.

              To create Security settings for your database file, first open the database file in FileMaker Pro, pull down the File menu and select Manage -> Security...   You can then set up accounts for users to access the file.  Opening port 5003 allows users to connect to the computer, but if they want to access a file, they will need a user name and password.

              Let me know if you need additional clarification.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Brilliant, thank you very much :-)

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                  5003 is the primary port used by Filemaker Pro.   Any virus / hacker can access any open ports and that is the reason security should be setup and why you should use anti-virus software.


                  Filemaker security is pretty solid, but that doesn't mean a hacker can't gain access to other parts of your computer, which is why anti-virus and spyware software are used.  Port 5003 is not the only port you have to secure, most often there are a few open ports.  You can block ports with your firewall, which can be done on your computer or your router.    There are risk when you open ports to the world, which is a reason to consider using a hosting companies.