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Quick Find makes non-selectable list

Question asked by doctorvandermast on Jun 3, 2014
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Quick Find makes non-selectable list


     I put a global field on a layout and used it with the Perform Quick Find script step to create a list. The resulting list of records won't let me select a record by tapping on it. But, if I switch layouts and come back, now the list is selectable.

     Sometimes this does not happen but I haven't figured out the circumstances.

     And it's only an issue in FileMaker Go. Doesn't happen when run in FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.

     Any suggestions?

Modification to Post:

     More experimentation has shown that the record list is selectable. The issue is that the selected record indicator to the left of the list is not showing up. And this happens with a Show All Records script step too.